Padlock Chain Onguard Mastiff X4P 1100x10mm

Padlock Chain Onguard Mastiff X4P 1100x10mm

Product: OG8019
46,00 €


FEATURES: Chain: 1100mm / Ø 10mm. Arco padlock Ø 14mm. Weight: 3200g. In solid hardened steel and titanium reinforced. Lock with anti dust X4P Quattro Bolt Locking. This innovative patented system allows you to fix the bow to the cross at four places, ensuring maximum tensile and torsion. Z-Cylinder with BumbBlok ™ This locking mechanism, enclosed in a body
ultra-tempered steel, makes the lock tensile strength and puncture. Coating protective fabric with embroidered logo. Rubber grip. 1 Led lighted key and four standard keys spare. Security level 90 on a scale from 0 to 100

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